Awake Software, LLC

Awake Software to Awaken the Best

Awake Software has been in business since the mid 1990s. Our original product was Awaken 98, which was designed to keep track of and analyze our dreams. That original focus has grown to our current focus on creating products for supporting conscious formation. By "conscious formation", we mean dealing with our personal formation - character, personality, social behaviors, spirituality, and so forth - with an intention born out of increasing amounts of consciousness, awareness and understanding.

We create products that utilize both scientific research as well as the traditions and teachings of Judeo-Christian and other spiritual traditions. We are currently in the development phase for the Wholeness software package (formerly known as 1Journal) and the MyFaith software package (formerly know as JournalForFaith). We expect to have them available in both Windows and Mac OS X versions by sometime in the summer of 2016.